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SEE: Tokyo Taboo – “Bubblicious”

  • August 23, 2015
  • 1 min read


Tokyo Taboo



Oh My Goddess.  Have you ever imagined Die Antwoord, the B-52’s, and the Offspring performing together?  I never did either, but that is the only description that comes close to describing the sound of Tokyo Taboo.  This is one of the most fun bands of all times.  If you’ve mellowed too much from your Lana del Rey fix and need to get psyched for that next party, but Tokyo Taboo on. You’ll be dancing all over the place.  The band has hit.  Can you imagine the dance floor when “Bubblicious” comes on?  Crowded sweating gyrating bodies everywhere.  Just the type of music your fundamental parents warned you about.  Forget them; listen, dance, and have fun.

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