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Sensual Alt Soul: Nikki’s Wives – “Slow Fast Slow”

  • October 1, 2017
  • 1 min read
Sensual Alt Soul:  Nikki’s Wives – “Slow Fast Slow”

Nikki’s Wives

“Slow Fast Slow”

Another dynamic, sensual yet cool-as-ice song from Nikki’s Wives, which is just what we needed for Autumn.  Coming from Toronto, Nikki’s Wives, comprised of Nikki, Dylan, and Nate, have gathered some big name recognition from the likes of Macy Gracy and CeeLo Green, which is very much deserved.  Nikki’s voice is sensual, intimate, but could fill an arena with her power.  This alt-rock trio combines the best of rock, soul, and blues for a style that’s all their own.  You looking for a romantic song to woo that partner, here is a great choice.  I considered Nikki’s smoothness as the female Smokey Robinson.  One day, they’ll be writing song about when Nikki sings.  And Dylan and Nate are no slouches.  They got the riffs and the power and the sense to let Nikki soar.  What a great combo.

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