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Storytelling At Its Best: Tattletale Saints – “Big City Women”

  • August 24, 2016
  • 1 min read

tattletale saints

Tattletale Saints

“Big City Women”

Tattletales Saints

What a great alt country band.  Tattletale Saints come to us from New Zealand where they formed, and then to Nashville, but sound like they were born and raised in the Appalachians.  Frontman Cy Winstanley embraces his role as a storyteller on the new album, penning slice-of-life songs about the light and dark shades of love and heartbreak; folk tales of murder and atonement; and musings on aging rock stars. He also plays more electric guitar, drawing a line of evolution from the band’s first album, while Vanessa McGowan’s upright bass helps root the band in the Americana tradition.  They sing songs of the heart.  I love them.

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