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Summer Night Pop: Heliotropes – “Easy”

  • June 21, 2016
  • 1 min read
Photo Credit: Matthew Cylinder
Photo Credit: Matthew Cylinder



Over There That Way

Looking for perfect summer music?  Take a listen to Heliotropes.  Even the band name summons up those beautiful, lazy summer evenings.  Featuring the sultry voice of Jessica Numsuwankijkul, the new Heliotropes album features drummer Gregg Giuffré, bassist Richard Thomas, and guitarist Ricci Swift.  The addition of the the three helps to support Numsuwankijkul fascinating voice.  This band is dreamy in a Mazzy Star sort of way, but more upbeat and poppy.  The wonderful sound is so exciting. Dive into summer correctly.  The new album is set to release July 15th.  The whole album is unbelievable.

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