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Testify: Sarah Simmons – “Staring At The Sun”

  • August 22, 2016
  • 1 min read

sarah simmons

Sarah Simmons

“Staring At The Sun”


I am in love.  It is impossible to listen to Sarah Simmons and not get shivers up your spine.  She has the most amazing range, and she knows how to use.  Talk about your testifying: Simmons testifies every time she sings.  It’s like Lana del Rey meets Amy Grant.  “Staring At The Sun” is that beautiful.  Coming from Alabama, Simmons wowed her way onto The Voice, where her 5-octave voice grabbed the audience.  A modern rock and pop powerhouse, Simmons can deliver the vocal thrills of Ann Wilson or the down home grit of Grace Potter, all with the vulnerability and Southern sensibility all her own. If Janis Joplin were alive today, she’d find a soul sister in Sarah Simmons.  There is no doubt Simmons is the real deal.  Fall in love; testify, my children.  The new Janis is here.

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