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The Journey Begins: Ward – “Stand Me”

  • July 15, 2018
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“Stand Me”

There is something beautifully honest about Ward’s voice and lyrics.  Reminding me of a younger Richard Ashcroft, Ward takes the hard way instead of following the trodden path.  And that’s what makes Ward’s music so exciting.  I have to quote his version of being an artist.  As he says, he wasn’t always into music.  He up and left NY for LA in 2016 and never looked back.  Ward says:

No one can tell you how to be an artist, because it’s about being yourself. And anyone who says that’s easy is either lying or utterly blessed. For most of us, it’s incredibly hard to stay honest, positive and confident working on your passion. I work every day, 15 hours a day, to make music my profession. I grasp. I fall. I fail. We all do. It takes a toll. And I wrote this song because I am truly sorry for any time this journey has gotten between me and the one I love.

He really is the new thinker in music and I am so glad to walk that path with him.  Check out his website,, for more music and information.  Me, I love him.  I identify with the journey.  Let’s take it together.

Lyrics to “Stand Me”

How can you stand me, When I just toss and turn? When I stay up every night just to try and make it work? I’ll break it down I do it all the time babe I’ll tear it down I do it all the time babe So I’m asking How you stand me, and all my songs? About the ways I still regret all the things I wish I’d done I’ll tear it down, I do it all the time babe I’ll break it down, I do it all the time babe So I’m asking… Love I can’t save myself From drowning under water And I can’t find Another way to fill my bones So how can you stand me?

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