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The Man Who Fell To Earth Again: David Bowie – “Lazarus”

  • January 9, 2016
  • 1 min read

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David Bowie



Mr. Bowie’s need album Blackstar is now out to celebrate his 70th birthday, which was January 8th.  Happy Birthday  The second single, “Lazarus”, is an amazing tour-de-force.  Written for an off-Broadway production of the same name that revisits the character Thomas Gerome Newton 30 years after The Man Who Fell To Earth, a novel which was translated to a film that Bowie starred in.  The video has that same punch the movie had. “Lazarus” does to The Man Who Fell To Earth what “Ashes to Ashes” did for “Space Oddity”: finish the story.  This is a subject Bowie is well aware of:  the outsider, the alien, looking for love and acceptance.  This is one of the reasons that Bowie’s work stands that test of time, and he is still the freshest artist out there, never afraid to push the boundaries.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Bowie.  Thank you.  

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