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True Goth: Bela Goosy – “Among Lunatics”

  • July 4, 2018
  • 1 min read

Bela Goosy

“Among Lunatics”

Welcome To The Kafka’s House

If you love Goth music, the real deal, not the fake “Goth Lite”, listen to Bela Goosy.  He is from France, and the music he makes his definitely creepy and beautiful, just like Goth should be.  His whole discography is much listen for all lovers of great music.  Imagine Bauhaus with the chill factory turned full up.  This is the music your mother would warn you about : Don’t Listen Before Going To Bed.  Mother is not always right.  Bela Goosy’s music is tremendous, and the dreams he has brought me have been wonderful. Below is the link to his bandcamp page.

Also, check out his work with fellow Frenchman Yannick Rault:  The Bluebeard’s Castle.

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