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True Love: The Lay Awakes – “Falling In Love”

  • April 8, 2018
  • 1 min read
True Love: The Lay Awakes – “Falling In Love”

The Lay Awakes

“Falling In Love”

Home Away From Home

There is such beautiful love and heartbreak in the music of The Lay Awakes.  Their songs all come from where great music should come from: straight from the heart.  Tackling all the usual suspects of relationships, The Lay Awakes are different because you know that all that emotion is sincere.  “Internationally acclaimed wheelchair athlete Patrick Anderson teams up with his wife, songwriter Anna Paddock, to release their debut full-length album Home Away From Home. It’s a collection of songs that draws on the joys and sorrows of the couple’s life as it is now, through stories of love, friendship, and family life.”  Because it’s true, and all the heartbreak this couple has gone through to achieve their beautiful balance of love and reality, The Lay Awakes grab you and embrace you.  It certainly is no problem that both Anderson and Paddock have gorgeous voices and are just so talented.  I love this band.  Coming after my partner and mine’s 16th anniversary, this album rings especially true to me.

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