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Truth: Jonezen – “Bar”

  • February 23, 2017
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Some rappers are just lazy pieces, but Jonezen is the real deal.  Kinda of like Eminem, Jonezen says exactly what he means, even if you ain’t buyin’ it, cuz he don’t care.  Detroit-born, LA-based, Jonezen has always been known for his independence and his rapping ability.  As he says about “Bars”, this song is.

“not only about ​re-introducing myself as an artist, but also ​making a statement. I wanted to go at some of the dudes, without naming names, that don’t respect the art form of lyricism in hip-hop.​​ It’s about actually rapping, actually honing and developing your craft as an artist and an emcee. I’m constantly working to develop my craft, being creative and pushing the envelope and making music that’s authentic to who I am as a person.​”

Jonezen takes the melding of rap and nu-metal and runs with it.  This great stuff.  Vulgar, yes.  True, definitely.  If you like your rap done right, Jonezen is your guy.  He is the real deal.

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