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Unsettlingly Great: Matt Lande – “Underground”

  • September 4, 2017
  • 1 min read
Unsettlingly Great:  Matt Lande – “Underground”

Matt Lande



What to be a little disconcerted?  Watch this great video by Matt Lande.  The song is so kick-ass, but the video is twisted, funny, ironic, perfect. Matt Lande is an alternative recording artist, double, stand-in and actor from Portland, OR, and his beautiful gruff voice (I am so tired of pretty voices) has this quality of letting you THINK that everything will be alright, which makes “Underground” that much creepier.  Lande is so much more than a pretty face, though he is that.  His vocal chops are undeniable.  This is a guy that will be mesmerizing us for years to come, telling us it’s safer underground. (But is it?)

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