AZRA – “Dirty”


AZRA – “Dirty”

AZRA is LA-based Korean American pop artist whose music goes beyond the norm; a point well-represented by her “Kill Bill” style video directed by ZANE.  As AZRA states in her bio:

“‘Dirty’ is all about rising above societal conformity and other such pressures that try to ill-intentionally mold and numb us in various ways,” shares AZRA. “This song empowers people to stay true to themselves, to be brave in the face of these pressures and to remember that we can rise above it.”
She continues, “This past year has been full of awakening moments filled with exposure to many injustices in our world. Though these ongoing events and realizations are traumatic and challenging for so many of us, they are also opportunities for us to grow and evolve as the human race. I wrote this song claiming that where there exists positivity there also exists negativity and injustices in all aspects of our lives. Therefore, instead of ignoring them, we must accept them, be brave enough to stand up for what we believe in, and choose the right thing to do.”
AZRA’s bewitching vocals and 6th dimension looks and style definitely set her apart from the norm.  She spent the summer playing at multitude Pride Festivals and opening for the White T’s, and has been cited as one of the performers to watch.  This is one singer/songwriter that is original, fun, and demanding, just what we need.  Take a chance on her.


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