Baroque Pop: Telyscopes – “Damaged DNA”

photo Vinicius Gomes


“Damaged DNA”

Close Types

YEAH!!!  Telyscopes has a new album out, and criminy, it is so damned good.  Melodies abound, which is no surprise, the guitars jingle jangle, and Jack Hubbell’s voice is amazing.  I could listen to Hubbell sing forever; he has such a unique voice.  In fact, Jack Hubbell is Telyscopes except:
Alexander Aultman – additional layers, drums, and mixing on “Damaged DNA”
Chris Caulder – acoustic piano on “Now That I’ve Found It”
Patty Hamill – drums on “Drown” .

Hubbell is one of my heroes.  He just makes such beautiful music.  He knows when to add instruments and when to subtract.  I wish he tour Pittsburgh.  I am including his poetic note from Bandcamp, because it seems so typical of Hubbell and his talented, and it explains his music better than I can.

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