HEAR: Country-Tinged Ballad “I Don’t Know How” – Best Coast


Best Coast have been kicking up the dust lately. After dropping a few hints for their much anticipated new EP Fade Away, the Lo-Fi California Surfer Rock group has debuted the shiny new Western-esque rocker “I Don’t Know How” via Rolling Stone. You can hear it below:

Lead singer Bethany Cosentino claims she wrote the tune in around 5 minutes, perched on her bed one sunny morning, and it served as the tipping point into writing the new EP. After having one of the “top albums of 2012” with The Only Place, and collaborating with several creative heavyweights in the 3 years since their breakthrough album, it seems a rather interesting choice to premiere brand new material by singing “I Don’t Know How.” Their confidence is not to be doubted, however; and if the rest of the new material is this unapologetic, I’m sure they’ll have another success on their hands.

By juxtaposing the relaxed rhythm at the beginning, when she’s feeling most vulnerable and insecure, with the double-time closer; Bethany relates the way most of us feel when we doubt others, and ourselves. It’s quiet at first, sometimes boldly so; yet once we allow ourselves to get up and move around, we find that being unsure or timid grants us power. This seems to be the latest message from Best Coast – use your early morning insecurities to make a statement; take advantage of weaknesses for strength.

Fuzz on, California Girl.

FADE AWAY EP – Tracklisting

1. This Lonely Morning

2. I Wanna Know

3. Who Have I Become

4. Fear of My Identity

5. Fade Away

6. Baby I’m Crying

7. I Don’t Know How


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