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One of the most exciting bands to hit the scene over the last few years is St. Lucia. They burst out onto the indie-pop scene back in 2013 with their runaway hit “Elevate”. Their album “When the Night” had a few other strong tracks that would be picked up as soft singles and kept the bands momentum flowing until today with the launch of their sophomore album “Matter”. The band released the albums first single “Dancing on Glass” in the fall of 2015 and garnered a lot of radio play as well as streaming. Today we are able to hear the new album in its soft-progressive-pop entirety.

Jean (lead singer) has continued to use his love for 80’s synth pop when writing his songs. It shows a lot in the soothing Wham-esque track “Love Somebody” which slowly builds more backing tracks as the song comes to a chanting close. “Help Me Runaway” kicks off from the start. It is the epitome of a classic teen anthem that keeps your head bobbing. feet kicking and yelling the lyrics out your window. With a catchy chorus, thumping beats and a rock star vocal delivery this track is an easy crowd pleaser. The band explores so many different ways to elaborate on synth pop; the track “Always” is a great example. Another slow jam but is more rhythm driven than “Love Somebody”, it takes on a great romance story with wife Patti’s vocals carrying the other side of the chorus gently creating a haunting duet.

As a whole “Matter” shows how music can influence, change and ultimately come full circle for new generations to experience it. Jean and the band have really taken their time in creating this album and it shows. There is a proper care that is heard when listening to the album. The listener is shown how much work went into every track. While you can hear the artists that have influenced these talented musicians, you can’t help but realize they have made this sound their own. St. Lucia is well on its way to becoming a powerhouse indie-pop band for the ages. Well crafted music, strong performances, thoughtful lyrics and a love for music that isn’t always seen in this day and age.

Hear the album below!

Kevin Charles Ross

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