HEAR: X Ambassadors – “VHS”


I haven’t been a longtime follower of the band X Ambassadors but I plan to be now! I saw them perform their new hit ‘Renegades’ on the Tonight Show last week and fell in love with their sound. They are an indie rock band out of Ithaca, NY that have released multiple singles and EP’s since 2009 but “VHS” is their first LP.

Having listened to the singles and now the entire album I have faith that 2015-2016 will be a great year for them. Their songs are exciting, catchy and carry meaning. Imagine Dragons (who is a good comparable band to X Ambassadors) makes an appearance on the track ‘Fear’. After removing the singles that have appeared on EPs and the interludes there are 10 new tracks on the album. Its an extensive album for a first release but there are no complaints here.

Check out the album below for yourself and let us know what you think! Ill be adding some tracks to the AudioFuzz playlist soon!

(key tracks: Renegades, Low Life, Gorgeous)

– Kevin Charles Ross


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