Heart of Darkness: Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith – “Eternity”

Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith


Mummur Love

This interesting though very non-commercial collection should be called “Heart Of Darkness”, as it is about the musical trip to the heart of Africa to investigate the last, brutally sad years of Artur Rimbaud.  Rimbaud left France and all materialism to go to Harrar, Ethiopia, an epicenter of Sufism.  As Stephan Crasneanscki from Soundwalk Collective says:

“You obtain connections to other levels of yourself and consciousness. This connection, like poetry, is a universal language. A language of the soul, for the soul.”

Smith writes her lyrics for Rimbaud, channeling Rimbaud, praising Rimbaud, destroying Rimbaud, trying to understand why her favorite poet turned his back on everything.  This is a deeply personal album, highlighted by the music of Philip Glass, Mulatu Astatke, widely considered the father of Ethio-jazz, and the musicians of the Soundwalk Collective.  This the second album in the Triptych entitled Entitled The Perfect Vision. This musical triptych aims to go beyond 20/20 vision and explore a dimension that exists on a non-physical plane.  On Mummer Love, Patti and the gang have created a masterpiece that is not for everyone.



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