Power Punk Pop: 7 Minute Martians – “Hold On”

7 Minute Martians

“Hold On”


Punk Pop is alive and living in Cincinnati (or Sin City, as we yahoos from Youngstown called it).  7 Minute Martians are a great band; melodic, strong, lyrical, great beats, riffs galore.  7 Minute Martians are Ted Ball – Guitar/Vocals; Wil Viars – Guitar/Vocals; Jordan Loper – Bass/Vocals; and Nick Neumeister – Drums.  This band is bringing your Punk Pop fix back, and actually is doing it better than the originators of the genre.  “Hold On” harks back to Cheap Trick’s first album.  I would call 7 Minute Martians Power Punk Pop.  There, a new genre.  Any way you call it, I love it.  Rock on, bros.  You make me happy.  Oh, and 7 Minute Martians is one of the best names out there.

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