Soulful Front Man : Matthew Logan Vasquez “Does What He Wants”

The leading man from one of my favorite bands, Delta Spirit, has launched his second solo album entitled “Does What He Wants”. Matthew Logan Vasquez’s first solo album, “Solicitor Returns”, carried a more heavy metal tone throughout its entirety that seemed like he was trying to get something out of his system and while there weren’t many strong singles I could tell he was only starting to scratch the surface of his own sound. With “Does what He Wants” Vasquez brings back his poetic lyrics and soulful groove vocals over a layered echo of southern rock guitar.

The stand out track to me is the opener “Same” which feels like it came off the recording studio floor from a Joe Cocker or Leon Russell take. It’s a bit tongue in cheek using the phrase as many millenials have started to as a term of pure and lazy agreeance. The album as a whole is well rounded, carries a comfortable “delta spirit” of its own and allows the listener to tap into reflection, resistance and reminiscence . He continues to show his honesty through music and if the band he’s been driving for the past decade isn’t going to be releasing a group effort soon then I’ll take what I can get and enjoy the solo heart that is Matt Vasquez.

Enjoy the album below and check out the track “Same” on our official Audio Fuzz playlist on Spotify!

Kevin Charles Ross

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