These Girls Are Taking Charge: Diamond – “Bad Girls”



“Bad Girls”

I love this band.  I have never heard anyone rap so well in Portugues.  These girls are great.  Diamond is made up of 18-year-olds Alice Coelho, Jeni Loyola, and Mariana Alves, who met in an after-school theater company called Nós do Morro in the Vidigal favela in Rio where they grew up.  This song represents Diamond at their best and baddest.   It’s a song about girls being in control in a male dominated scene, with lyrics like “we are bad girls, if you f*ck up you better get out because we are in charge now, come on”  From the heat of Rio De Janeiro, 3 girls mix up Trap and Brazilian Bass over which they add their fiery flow.  The combo of Trap, Brazilian Brass, and rap lifts this piece up to new heights.  Play at loud, play it hard, cuz these girls are in charge now.

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