True Otherwordly: Spain – “Maya Of The Summer”


Maya In The Summer

Mandala Brush

One of the most beautiful albums you will ever hear.  The music is fantastic, very ethereal, definitely more unusual, with these clear vocals that are as much a musical instrument as the backing instruments.  As the bio says:

The album features founding member Josh Haden (bass, lead vocals), and longtime collaborators Kenny Lyon (guitar), Shon Sullivan (acoustic guitar, keyboards) and Danny Frankel (drums). It was produced by Kenny and Josh in Los Angeles, CA.
Also performing on the album are two of Josh’s sisters, Petra Haden (violin, backing vocals) and Tanya Haden (cello, backing vocals), along with Mike Bolger (accordian, trumpet), Matthew DeMerritt (flute, saxophone), and David Ralicke (clarinet, flute, trombone), all regulars at Spain’s long-running Los Angeles residency at the Love Song Bar. Petra and Tanya’s collaborations stretch all the way back to the first Spain album, 1995’s The Blue Moods of Spain.
This is not your average rock n roll band.  This is more timeless, like the whole Renaissance was brought forward into the 23rd century.  There is nothing out there like Spain.  Josh Haden’s voice is so powerful that it becomes the lead instrument.  I love this band so much, words have actually failed me.

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