Vulnerability: Lana Del Rey – “Fuck It I Love You & The Greatest”

Lana Del Rey

“Fuck It I Love You & The Greatest”

Norman Fucking Rockwell

Lana does it again.  These two new songs from her soon-to-be released as two of the best songs since “The Body Electric”, her voice is so pure, the background is so simplistic so that the beautiful, painful voice is at the forefront.  Sometimes, Lana gets covered up by the background, but on this piece, she shows that vulnerability that has made her so completely different from other singers.  She’s the prostitute with the heart of gold, the woman attracted to the wrong man, looking for a sugar daddy, yet doing so on her terms, no one else’s, knowing she will probably end up getting hurt, but fuck it, that’s life.  Yes, Lana del Rey is sincere, real, and not a phony at all.  This is great music from a great star.

Oh, the way the two songs flow into each other is just a miracle.

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