It’s a Great Day For Tuesday Knight

Shane Jackson also known as Tuesday Knight is an anomaly. In an age of mumble rap, Tuesday Knight is making records that are in the vein of early 90s hip hop. Add in the fact that he is an Ivy League graduate and making introspective records that discuss socially relevant topics while still maintaining commercial appeal. Comparison wise he puts me in the mind of J. Cole. Tuesday Knight is grinding and has a new album called Tuesday Knight Live which is a follow up to his earlier work titled The Rehearsal. I caught up with the budding mic controller for this exclusive interview.

When did you develop a passion for music?

It started real young. I had two older brothers and we were further apart in age. So I got into hip hop through them because they were listening to the 90s Nas albums and I would learn all the words and perform it at our family barbecues.

Where did you come up with the name Tuesday Knight and what does it mean?

I needed to come up with a rap name because my real name Shane Jackson sounded generic. I was in the studio with my manager and it happened to be a Tuesday and I was like Tuesday Knight sounded right.

You studied at an Ivy League institution, did you have any conflicts about pursuing a career that is uncertain?

Definitely before, not as much now. Anytime you don’t have a steady paycheck you question if your doing the right thing.

Cornell has a large greek life scene were you in any fraternities?

I was not. I felt like it wasn’t for me.

Your EP has a lot of versatility what separates Tuesday Knight from other artists?

My ability for storytelling while mixing metaphors and punchlines. I mix the two to make interesting verses.

You shot a video for your song “15 Prior” how did that come about?

It was my most commercial song at the time. Another guy in my collective had shot a video and my manager reached out to the director and we just went to the park and came up with a concept.

Who are some of the people in the industry that you are hoping to work with?

Producer wise Pharrell and Ryan Leslie. As far as rappers Andre 3000, Nas, and other classic lyricist.

What have been some of the biggest obstacles you have faced as a new artist trying to build your career and how are you overcoming them?

Finding trustworthy people to help me along the way. Hard to build the right team.

What would be your advice to aspiring artists?

Building the right team. Everybody famous had help. So finding people you can trust.

As your building your fanbase are you aiming for a major label deal or is it the plan to stay independent?

Honestly, I’m not for or against either one.

What is next for Tuesday Knight?

I have an album coming out towards the end of April called “Tuesday Knight Live” which is the follow up to the “Rehearsal” and after the album I’m working on two EPS.

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