Who Wants to Be A Chillionaire?

I came up across the music of Brooklyn based group The Chillionaires. A trio that consists of King G.r.a.y, Sky $craper, and Ruciano. The group has a feel that takes you back to an era where music was more about skills and delivery on songs such as “Mr Fly Guy”. However, they are not lacking of the jingles that dominate mainstream radio, like their song “Up One”. The group could be compared to The Clipse if they had three members or even Onyx. If you enjoy East Coast hip hop this is a group worth checking out.

The group has a number of videos online that have accumulated a solid number of views. The music is appealing to those who enjoy real “street hip hop”. The group works well together and compliments each others energy. If they keep up the momentum look for this group to really make moves. The one criticism is that I don’t feel that it is anything that really distinguishes them from the other hip groups out there as far as content. They pretty much talk about all the same things all the other contemporary rap groups rap about such as foreign cars, Xanax, and fuckin bitches.

If the group is going to really reach success I feel they have to find a way to differentiate themselves from other hip hop groups and not fall into the same patterns of conformity of their peers. They are on Souncloud as well and have some songs worth checking out like “I Get Lots of Money” and I think part of the appeal of the group is that they are really portraying that they are authentic. I feel they are kind of holding back on their lyricism and moreso conforming to the dumbed down version of hip hop that has become the standard for success. I look forward to hearing future projects from them and look for this group to set a standard for New York sound, opposed to emulating groups from the south and Atlanta.

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