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Accessibility Made Individual: Jade The Moon – “U Take Love”

  • December 9, 2015
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jade the moon









Jade The Moon

“U Take Care”

Habits And Hindrance

Jade The Moon is a tremendous electronic/pop song that resonates with music and atmosphere.  The collaboration of Toronto-based production duo, Bad Cop // Mean Cop and Vancouver vocalist, pianist and guitarist Jade Moon, the duo aims for an accessible sound with an edge. That Jade The Moon has in spades.  There is something a little quirky about Jade The Moon.  The duo bring the moon, the darkness, the nighttime, into your head and make it light and bright.  This is a great song.  Jade Moon has this unbelievable voice, and her piano and guitar work are outstanding.  With Bad Cop // Mean Cop helping up with production, the two have yield an album that is both accessible and different at the same time, something that is very unusual.  Pay attention to this duo:  they are going to be a big name soon.

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