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Ambient Noise Rock: First Came The Shadow – “Premonition”

  • June 10, 2018
  • 1 min read
Ambient Noise Rock:  First Came The Shadow – “Premonition”

First Came The Shadow



This is beautiful music; it swells up at you like a wave on the ocean.  Coming from Nice, France, this ambient/post-punk band brings music that is exciting yet calming, just the perfect mix of guitars, percussion, and electronics, with this wonderful bass drone that drives the piece along.  Then, in the middle, the song just kicks out the jams, motherfuckers, and becomes this wonderful, loud music free-for-all, going towards cacophony, but the guitars wheel it all in.  This is great, interesting, varied music.  First Came The Shadow is comprised of Gaëtan Zampa, Adriano Dalpane, Aurélien Regert, and Franklin Dansac.  Together they form a unique combination of ambient rock and noise rock.  And the feedback that ends “Premonition”:  sure heaven.  Thank you.

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