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Beauty In Gloom: Big Bliss – “Surface”

  • August 19, 2018
  • 1 min read
Beauty In Gloom:  Big Bliss – “Surface”
Photo Cred: Lindsey Byrnes

Big Bliss


At Middle Distance

I am a sucker for jangling guitar coupled with angst-filled lyrics.  Big Bliss delivers in a big way.  Think of The Cure, but much more 2010’s.  It’s hard to describe how beautiful “Surface” is.  Comprised of Wallace May – bass, vocals; Cory Race – drums; and Tim Race – guitar, vocals, this band has these wonderful guitars wafting in and out over this beautiful rhythm section where Cory and Wallace know how to punctuate the beat (and May’s bass is so melodic, which I love) and let Tim’s guitar spiral skyward.  As their bio says:

Together they deliver shimmering, jangling, energetic post punk, attempting to bridge the gap between precision, pop, dissonance and power, all within the typical confines of a three piece rock outfit.

This is my favorite music:  moody, chilling, euphoric, lovely; all those contrasting ways music creates.  I love these guys.

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