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Beauty In Outer Space: Hallam London – “Walking To Alpha Centauri”

  • December 25, 2017
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Beauty In Outer Space:  Hallam London – “Walking To Alpha Centauri”
Anna Lie

Hallam London

“Walking To Alpha Centauri”

The Sheffield Album Demos

After a bit of a break, Hallam London and Ian Badcoe have combined their talents and produced a truly stunningly beautiful album.  With London handling the music and Badcoe the lyrics, they have proven to be the best writing team since John/Taupin in the 80’s (though, to tell the truth, Badcoe is a much better and consistent writer.  I always enjoy everything that London puts out, but what’s really cool about “Walking to Alpha Centauri” is, for the first time, you hear the mystery man, Ian Badcoe, with backup vocals.  I love “Walking To Alpha Centauri”.  I’m thinking of trying it.  Want to come?  (By the way, I still stand with my assessment that Hallam London is the new sound for a new generation).

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