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Beauty Through Sorrow: Parks (ft. Boston) – “Fools”

  • November 4, 2018
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Beauty Through Sorrow:  Parks (ft. Boston) – “Fools”
Photo by Addie Roberge

Parks (fr. Boston)



They often say heartbreak breeds beauty, and the new album by Parks proves that.  Parks is Brian E. King, lead vocals/guitar, Eric Bolton on guitar, Andrew Jones on drums, Rob Johanson on bass, and Robin Melendez on backing vocals.  “Making this album coincided with worst time in my life. My mom died. The band lineup was in flux. My girlfriend, also my bandmate and best friend, and I broke up. I got diagnosed with stage-zero stomach cancer. It was a complete roller coaster,” says King, before adding with a laugh, “But I couldn’t be happier with this record.”  As I said, this is a beautiful, deeply felt, pop record, music that has this kick that makes you happy.  Considering it comes from a place of deep sadness, it hits all the right high.  Just as Rumours by Fleetwood Mac gave us deep insight to the band, so does Parks’ new album gives you the same insight.  Beauty mixed with sadness.  And the fact they remind me poe mixed with the Lemonheads certainly helps me out.  I love this band.  So will you.

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