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Blues Punk: Telefones – “Castle Factory”

  • September 3, 2018
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Blues Punk:  Telefones – “Castle Factory”
Photo Cred: Emily Hollis


“Castle Factory”

Alt Citizen (7 inch)

From the very first guitar riff to the bass and drums and then that second guitar coming in like a tidal wave, you realize you’re in for a punk treat.  And then those vocals, bluesish with grunts and moans, just sends chills up this punk’s spine.  This is great music.  Telefones consists of Wes Salton (Guitar, Vocals), Jason Chiarella (Bass, Synthesizer), Adam Reeve (Drums, Vocals) and Jack Faulkner (Guitar, Synthesizer). They are a post-punk outfit based out of Nashville.  There is the sound of Johnny Thunders and Sylvain Sylvain (NY Dolls) guitar give and take, but those vocals, God, it’s like a blues based Iggy.  This is great punk, shit, this is great music.  What lifts it higher are two factors:  complex chord changes and, as Alt Citizen said, “organized chaos”.  All great punk has the sound of things falling apart.  Telefones succeeds in every way.  If they’re live show is anything like this single, damn, we got a show.   

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