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Blues Rock: Jelly Ellington – “Set Me Free”

  • May 27, 2017
  • 1 min read

Jelly Ellington

“Set Me Free”

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Ever hear that guitar that is smooth as placid lake until the solo, at which the dam breaks and the notes pour out?  That is Jelly Ellington, and with this beautiful, just husky enough voice to rise above the guitar, you have true beauty.  Ellington is a wonder, no doubt.   Born and raised in the Asheville mountains of North Carolina, Ellington has been quietly forging the fire within his playing since he was seven years old.  That fire has brought him to Austin and has developed this beautiful album.  Each song on this album is a total winner, but “Set Me Free” is my personal favorite.  This is THE new album for anyone who loves smooth, seamless guitar player and expressive vocals.  I can hear a Robin Trower sound to his guitar, which Ellington knows how to use without over-usage.  What a great album.

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