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Dance This Mess Around: Yuksek & JD Samson – “Don’t Even Try”

  • June 2, 2018
  • 2 min read
Dance This Mess Around:  Yuksek & JD Samson – “Don’t Even Try”

Yuksek & JD Samson

“Don’t Even Try”

Yuksek and JD Samson have teamed together to make a single that is one of the best dance tracks I’ve heard for a long, long time (and I’ve been around).  It is an amazing song that hearkens back to Le Tigre and Cerrone (think “Supernature”) with this groove that truly makes you want to get out dance.  According to their bio:

Of the team up, Samson shares, “Yuksek and I speak the same creative language. When you find that in a collaborator you don’t let it go. We did some sessions a few years back and he sculpted my vocal into a whole new character living in a whole new world. I am always amazed at the artist that he is. Both prolific and inspired, gentle and ecstatic.”


Samson is a culturally influential curator, DJ, musician, visual artist, and member of the LGBTQ community around the world, and currently a professor of music at NYU. She has written and produced for other artists, including Christina Aguilera, Pussy Riot and Cobra Starship.


Yuksek is a seminal artist in the Nu-Disco / French House dance scene, and has made music with the biggest names in the industry since 2009. He has produced, remixed and collaborated with Gorillaz, Phoenix and more.

You put the two together, and you get one great song.  This should be playing at ever Pride festival (I know they’re playing at Cleveland’s, since Samson will be there) and in every club this summer.  This is dance at its very best.  Shake your ass.

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