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Dark Dance Music: District 78 – “Ready Or Not Here I Come (feat. Cheesa)

  • November 5, 2015
  • 1 min read

district 78 1

District 78

“Ready Or Not Here I Come” (feat. Cheesa)

While not quite as dark and heavy as “Booty Shakin’ Music”, “Ready Or Not Here I Come” definitely shows that District 78 is still the darkest, heaviest electronic dance band out there.  This is a great song: from the heavy electronic beat to the beautiful vocals of Cheesa, every part of this song is made to make you get off your ass and dance.  I want to walk into a club and hear this song blaring through all the speakers super loud.  It will make me want to stay and dance all night.  I do believe that my friend, Matt, would definitely dig this song.  Play on, guys, play on.

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