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Dark Underbelly Of NYC: Bootblacks – “8 Sub Rosa”

  • January 31, 2016
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Photo Cred: Frank Cieh
Photo Cred: Frank Cieh


“8 Sub Rosa”


With the sound that’s half Bauhaus, half Joy Division, Bootblacks strike a new twist to the Goth sound.  I love the way the song sneaks up on you, starting slow, then wham, and then, “8 Sub Rosa” refuses to end, just feedback as the song slowly dies away.  What a journey Bootblacks takes you on.  The Bootblacks name is derived from novelist William Burroughs’ description of the dark underbelly of glitzy New York City.
Vocalist and frontman Panther MacDonald describes Veins, the newly-completed Bootblacks album, as the most recent step in the band’s evolution from punk to post-punk. Fans can expect a more textured, atmospheric and “bigger-sounding” Bootblacks than before. Recorded with Brian Scott Herman of TreeFort studios, the new album from Bootblacks – now composed of MacDonald, guitarist Alli Gorman and drummer Roger Humanbeing — introduces an electronic bass and more synth-oriented soundscapes.  This sound is so amazing.  I love everything about Bootblacks, and taking the name from Burroughs seems to just fit the dark, convoluted, Gothic sound of Bootblacks.

OUR DATES (venues TBA)
4/15 – Leipzig
4/16 – Wroclaw
4/17 – Warsaw
4/18 – Ostrava
4/19 – Vienna
4/20 – Munich
4/21 – Milan
4/22 – Lyon
4/23 – Paris
4/24 – Brussels
4/25 – Cologne
4/26 – Hanover
4/27 – Hamburg
4/28 – Potsdam
4/29 – Berlin
01. Colorblind
02. Southpole
03. Pastlives
04. Drift
05. Always
06. Erosion
07. Sub-Rosa
08. Abc Anxiety
09. Low- Fantasy
10. Decoys

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