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Dirty Rock: In The Whale – “Highways”

  • July 8, 2018
  • 1 min read
Dirty Rock:  In The Whale – “Highways”

In The Whale



This is a great song from a great band.

“Dirty, fun and caked in garage grime, the songs are unconcerned with trends.”-Bob Gendron, Chicago Tribune

I had to quote that, because it describes the sound of Denver-based In The Whale better than anything I could say.  Comprised of Nate Valdez and Eric Riley, this is down and dirty rock n roll.  The band has been setting live crowds up so high that they rarely come down.  If more rock was like this, we wouldn’t have all the crap out there now.  Jump on this Highway.  The trip is wild.  Oh, I must say, In The Whale is a great name.  Think about it, Jonah.

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