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Displacement: Vern Matz – “Shelby Park”

  • December 17, 2017
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Displacement:  Vern Matz – “Shelby Park”
Photo Credit: Noah Silvestry

Vern Matz

“Shelby Park”

Vern Matz

What a great, piano-based pop band in the spirit of Ben Folds or Weezer.  I love this band.  They’re not afraid to have fun and be kids, while at the same time, showing tremendous maturity in their sound.  According to their bio:

Vern Matz is comprised of guitarist and singer Danny Belgrad, pianist Michael Lituchy, and drummer Noah Silvestry. Not only are they bandmates, they are also all students together at Yale University. Speaking on “Shelby Park,” the band states, “With Shelby, we got to put on a lot of different hats and play something vaguely aggressive, which was fun. There’s some focus on aging, and losing identities, but it’s not an overly serious song – there’s blue hearts, and martians moons, and dropped phone calls, and leaving Shelby. It’s a very childish piece in a lot of ways; we were sort of pretending to be 16 year-olds in a rock band from 1993.

They play the part well.  You get this sense of displacement, self-discovery, and sense of loss.  This is great music with one foot in the past and one foot in the future.  Check them out.  They are great.

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