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Early Evening Music: Quiet Kids – “On Your Mind”

  • March 10, 2019
  • 1 min read
Early Evening Music:  Quiet Kids – “On Your Mind”

Quiet Kids

“On Your Mind”

Quiet Kids

A perfect example of dream pop; ethereal, lyrical, drifting vocals over layered keyboards and a beat (the drums and bass work as counterpoints to each other) that keeps going without overpowering, and an atmosphere of pure magic.  Comprised of lyricist, singer, and  Andy Peña with bassist Devin Garcia, the two started writing under the moniker once things started to settle with their previous group Dignan. They would then artfully craft a fuller sound recruiting keyboardist David Ramirez and drummer Adrian Loera.  The combination works so well, bringing that sparkly effects to a high level of beauty.  Another must play spring evening song, useful for chasing fireflies and letting them go.

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