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Electro-Disconnect: ieuan – “Virtual Reality”

  • August 13, 2019
  • 2 min read
Electro-Disconnect:  ieuan – “Virtual Reality”


“Virtual Reality”


This is a great electro-pop.  The stuttering way the song begins just totally pulled me, and ieuan’s breathless vocals make you sympathize with him, no matter what happens.  As the artist states:

The song is about how everyone has their own sort of virtual reality – a disconnect from their real lives. The song hints at being ignored in your every day life. You go into a virtual reality where no one lies to you, everyone likes you, and you’re not crazy.
“I sometimes feel like I’m on autopilot. Doing the same things every day, not feeling things the way I used to. Everything around me started to feel computer-generated. I felt really alone in busy places because everyone started to feel like software. It’s almost as if this song is the anthem to my disassociation.”
ieuan is a gay popstar from California, now living in England, exploring what it means to be gay in the 10’s.  His voice and writing seem to come from someone way beyond his years.  And the way the song just ends gives you that feeling of being on autopilot.  You feel the disconnect and the attempt to make some sort of real connection.  This is one of the best new electro-pop songs and singers I’ve heard this year.

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