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Fight For Rights: Kym Register – “Another Reason”

  • October 30, 2016
  • 1 min read
Photo Cred: Endless Endless
Photo Cred: Endless Endless


“Another Reason”

Sweet High Rise

Loamlands is a tremendous band; one of those bands who have a message and make that message fun.  The child of Kym Register, as she says;

 I’m honored to have been able to place these ideas in the hands of musicians and pals like Will Hackney, Phil and Brad Cook, Matt McCaughan, Jon Ashley and Collier Reeves. I’m glad to be here and going further with friends. Thank you for helping me along the way.”

Register has made a beautiful album speaking out against the racism and homophobia of her home town Durham, NC, and points out the huge steps we’ve come and the huger steps we need to go to eradicate hate in our world.  I love Register’s voice.  She sound like Victor Krummenacher, another gay singer/songwriter who has spoken out for LGBTQ rights and rights in general.  And, the album is unbelievably great.  Imagine Bonnie Raitt singing a pure country album, you get Loamlands.  With someone like Register in our corner, we are going to win the fight for equality.

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