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Fun And Sarcasm: DJ Real – “Shakira”

  • September 24, 2016
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They’ll Say “Yes”

I love excellent musicians who can fun with their material but also make great music (think Zappa, Ween, and Ariel’s Pink).  DJ REAL is in that category.  I swear he is a little ‘off’, but that’s what makes his music so unique and excellent.  Take his song, “Shakira”, a hilarious but also tender song about a Shakira super-fan.  He has fun but never is mean.  DJ REAL, AKA Nick Stargu, began performing back in 2000 in his original home of Connecticut intending to follow in the steps of Andy Kaufman. Over time, his aesthetic evolved into that of a multimedia musical comedy live show, incorporating music, video, slideshows and even virtual reality.  His new album, They’ll Say “Yes”, dropped on September 23rd.  What a perfect fun autumn album.

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