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HEAR: Chief Ghoul – “Wild West”

  • April 12, 2015
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chief ghoul

Chief Ghoul

“Wild West”


From the first guitar chord, you know you’re listening to something different.  Distorted guitars, distorted vocals, distant sounding lyrics, Chief Ghoul has everything.

Alt-country, folk-rocker Lee Miles, aka Chief Ghoul, is gearing up to release his 13-track third album, III, in Spring of 2015. Hailing from Chicago, the current home of the the USA’s most prominent garage scene, Miles is cooking up a retro-vibe that echos Woody Guthrie’s storytelling and Jack White’s guitar prowess.

Chief Ghoul does echo that disconnect and yearning for connection the Woody Guthrie had and wrote so much about.  Chief Ghoul is exceptionally American like early Genesis was exceptionally British.  I hugely love this man.  If you’re into singer/songwriters with individual outlooks, listen to Chief Ghoul.

III LP Track Listing:

1. The Fall
2. Wild West
3. I’m On Fire
4.Bed of Nails
5. Done Dabbled
6. Can’t Lose
7. Roll Baby Roll, Kill Baby Kill
8. No Power Blues
9. Gather Round
10. Seven Days
11. 48
12. Faith
13. Come Through

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