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HEAR: Distoria – “Lift Point”

  • June 21, 2015
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“Lift Point”

The new single from New York alt-band Distoria is a triumph on all levels.  Helena Martin, vocalist/songwriter/piano, has one of those voices that can fill a stadium but still be intimate enough to feel she is singing directly to you.  Her song, “Lift Point”, is a good case in point.  You feel Martin is baring her soul to you.  With backup from the addition of Mor Mezrich (bassist, audio engineer) and Ableton Live, Distoria would go on to most recently enlist Cody Rahn (drums) who is gamely tasked with live drums and a Controlpad in the live arena.  This completes the Distoria sound perfectly, allowing the band to back up Martin’s beautiful voice and piano (which, with a broken right hand, she recorded the song playing with only her left hand) without overpowering her.  Distoria should be up there with Florence + the Machine and Lana del Rey.  Soon, very soon.  I can’t wait to hear more from this band on the rise.

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