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HEAR: Emergency Tiara – “Around” (Jax On Fire Remix)

  • August 9, 2015
  • 1 min read

emergency tiara

Emergency Tiara

“Around” (Jax On Fire Remix)

Until The Stroke Of Midnight

I have to admit; usually, I am not a huge fan of remixes.  They always seem to detract from makes a song great in the first place.  But, that aside, sometimes remixes add to song.  That is the case with Emergency Tiara’s song, “Around”.  The track was produced by DJ Robert Lux, who certainly knows his way around a studio.  By keeping the song basically the same, and adding a dance beat and studio tricks (I only call them that because I’m not well-schooled in remixing lingo) and has made one hell of a dance song.  Anybody wanna get sweaty with me?

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