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HEAR: Kirsten Izer – “Burning Out”

  • August 16, 2015
  • 1 min read

kirsten izer

Kirsten Izer

“Burning Out”

What If This Is It?

For a 19 year old, Izer sounds old and weary before her time.  I love that.  “Burning Out” is a great song.  I love the way Izer’s voice quivers with the intensity of the reverb guitar behind her.  It brings the words out, emphasizing every syllable.  Izer sounds like she has been singing and playing for years; she is that good.  And the fact that she comes across as a Debbie Harry without any of the coyness or human Harry has.  Izer knows life is tough and accepts it.  In an interview with Ventmagazine Izer said:

All of my lyrics are written from real-life experiences for the most part. The tracks on my EP are about my anxiety, friendship and of course, the obvious one, love. Musically, I draw influences from rock bands, like Blondie, Local Natives, St. Vincent, etc. I’ve been playing guitar for as long as I can remember so my songs are very guitar-driven.

You can find that guitar-driven music here in her first single.  Izer is ready to go places.

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