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HEAR: Mayve – “Hearts On Fire”

  • July 5, 2015
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“Hearts On Fire”


Great goddess, I love punk/pop, make me happy, summertime is here, let’s go swimming, I have no problems, I am still young and fun music.  Mayve has this sound down.  This is the coolest, poppiest song in all the good ways I’ve heard since Palm Trees and Power Lines or Sugarcult.

Mayve is made up of friends Nick Micheline (vocals/guitar), Michael Gusman (guitar) and Joseph Rene (percussion). Formed in 2012 as an alternative band, Mayve can attribute their ever-evolving sound to numerous lineup changes. After three years of scattered touring, the trio have finally found home, evolving from their alt-rock roots to settle on a refreshing, new indie pop sound.

I really love this song, because I so need a summer pick-me-up.  I wish people would realize there are great indie pop bands out there, and Mayve hits all the right notes by being original and still slightly hauntingly familiar.  Thank you, Mayve, for renewing my faith in indie pop.

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