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Hear – Nalani & Sarina – “We’ll Be Free”

  • March 26, 2015
  • 1 min read

nalani and sarina

Nalani & Sarina

“We’ll Be Free”

Scattered World

In case you wonder where Stevie Wonder has been, he’s been inhabiting the bodies of twins Nalani & Sarina.  This is the funkiest song I’ve heard since the demise of Soul Train.  I couldn’t keep still.  With the help of such luminaries as Will Lee (bassist for The Late Show with David Letterman house band), Tommy Mandel (keys for Bryan Adams) and Tom ‘Bones’ Malone (The Late Show with David Letterman house band), these twins outfunk George Clinton and Prince.  This is seriously the funkiest song of 2015.  I love it.

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