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HEAR: r.e.l. – “Salt”

  • May 31, 2015
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r.e.l was established in 2013 when composer/songwriter, Arielle Sitrick, assembled the band that now backs her up in live performances. Sitrick has a most unusual voice (read that, fantastic) and her subject matter is amazing.  To construct a whole song around NaCl and keep it together without becoming silly is an amazing achievement.  r.e.l. sounds a little like Lana or Lorde, but is enough of an original to make you forget those other singers for awhile.  The chorus for “Salt” goes:

Sodium overload
Lick it, love it, leave it cold
Sodium overload
Turn away ‘fore it gets old (2X)

NaCl NaCl
NaCl NaCel-el-el (2X)

I love this song.  The ground might have already been sown, but r.e.l. has grown herself a new fruit, tasty one at that.

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