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HEAR: Stolen Jars – “Bright Red”

  • August 9, 2015
  • 2 min read

stolen jars

Stolen Jars

“Bright Red”


Remember when you first heard “I Heard Her Call My Name” or “Dead Finks Don’t Talk” and you were like WTF? I love this stuff, but it is so different from anything I’ve ever heard.  Well, listen to Stolen Jars.  They are unlike anything I’ve ever heard.  “Bright Red” is the most ‘normal’ song on their sophomore CD.  Stolen Jars are mainly made up of Cody Fitzgerald (Guitarz, Vocals) and Molly Grund (Angel Vocals) with backup help from Connor McGuigan (Guitus), Matt Marsico (Drumbos), Tristan Rodman (Keydiddlies), and Elena Juliano (More Voxxx for NY Shows).  Fitzgerald writes the music and the lyrics and Grund, (OMG, what a heavenly voice) helps Fitzgerald write the melodies.  I love the fact the melodies are written especially for each song, rather than just following the music line.  I cannot tell you how much I love this band.  I have run out of adjectives (ok, I can throw out a few: rapturous, heavenly, god-like).  Since picking up the CD, I have listened to it continuously.  Honestly, this is the greatest CD I’ve heard so far this year, except one other which rates up there, which I will review next week (how’s that for a cliffhanger, Mrs. Parker?)

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