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HEAR: Swanky Tiger – “Empires”

  • November 2, 2014
  • 1 min read

swanky tigers 2

Swanky Tiger


Electric Tiger

Teetering on that peak between heavy metal and punk rock, Swanky Tiger swaggers onto the scene from the same New York that spawned the New York Dolls and the Dictators.  Oliver Myles Mashburn, Will Rockefeller, Mike “Baby ‘BassFace’ Deez” Glendening, and Connor Crawford, the members of Swanky Tiger, have honed the skills for kick-ass rock n roll.  Add a little Seattle fury and Manchester, England heaviness, with the inherent snottiness of NYC and you get Swanky Tiger.  Iggy would be so proud.

Visit online: Swanky Tiger

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