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Heavy Prog: Gandhi’s Gun – “Test My Faith”

  • June 24, 2018
  • 1 min read
Heavy Prog:  Gandhi’s Gun – “Test My Faith”

Gandhi’s Gun

“Test My Faith”

Subject To Change

Gandhi’s Gun is no normal band.  Combining heavy metal with synth prog, adding female/male harmony vocals, kick ass bass, and drums galore, you get the original sound that is Gandhi’s Gun.  According to Pure Grain Audio:

“The dual-vocal attack of Mik Rowe and Erin Rowe perfectly complements the synth/electronic-infused rock that emanates from the collective instruments of the other members, Preston Williams (guitar), D’Myke Damien(drums), and Mike Lopez (bass/keys).”

This is music that Queensryche would be proud of:  intense, regal, powerful, yet delicate and beautiful when necessary.  There is great music.  “Test My Faith”  demonstrates this combination perfectly with its mix of thunder and gentle rain.

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